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Feb 22, 2021

The problem is homemade through specially issued bonus campaigns, but a necessary calculation in the tough provider market.

Michael Rasmussen from the bookmaker Marathonbet Group worries what players are happy about: “As soon as a new company offers a bonus, they now have an army of players with coordinated bets on their necks.”

Matched betting or bonushunting seems confusing at first glance, but the idea is very simple: Everything revolves around taking advantage of bonus promotions from bookmakers. Well-known companies such as Tipico or Betway rely on campaigns in which, for example, deposits are doubled to attract customers.

Players first set up an account, for example with the bookmaker Betway. This advertises to double the first deposit up to a maximum of 150 euros. Accordingly, 150 euros are deposited here in order to receive another 150 euros from Betway. The prerequisite for the later payout is that six times the € 150 deposit is placed on a game in which the odds are at least 1.75 – at first glance, this is quite expensive and risky.

A possible bet would be the Champions League game Schalke against Porto. At Betway, the player bets 150 euros on a Schalke win with odds of 2.5 and accepts bets worth 150 euros against Schalke on the Matchbook betting exchange. That means: The player must first deposit money at the betting exchange. If Schalke now wins, Betway pays out the stake of 150 euros times the odds of 2.5 offered here.

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