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Jun 30, 2021

What did you find? asked the corridor of the karin. I don’t know yet, George said, the breath he received while saying it was almost vomiting him. George pressed the top of the cylinder-shaped plastic cover and press the right round of the bottom. It was certain what it was in the wrinkle of cover. There was a dark face, alnı and eye pits looked. Her hair had also been visible. George pulled his hand out of the cover, but the smell of a decay that cannot be tolerated because it moved from the body in this temporary coffin, the smell of decay was small. George is up and made the hallway towards the corridor but gets to the plastic sink to the plastic sink. The karin was in a strange silence in the corridor, but when George’s vomiting is over, what’s it there? She asked SHE. A corpse? Yes, he said George. Wrapped in plastic cover. We need to call the police.

He opened the tap, started to flow as water rope after several cramping sounds. George knew that he should not disrupt the crime scene, but it had been a condition of shaking his mouth before this house gets as far away from the house. Filled his mouth with the water in the rust taste 177 Cizl in my heart »K.ILTL \. * Then he spit. Went out of the washing room and crossed the corridor. Karin has taken a few steps away from her. There was a dull expression in their eyes. George, I wonder if it is shock, he thought. We need to call the cops, said once again. Okay, said the karin and as if miraculously looked like there was a phone call there. Besides the mobile phone? I left in the car. In my bag. I have seen a phone in the kitchen. Let’s have a look. Karin walked to the kitchen from his back. Vomit had spent the fear of George not only nausea. He could then see them clearly. After calling the cops they will wait for them to come, they wouldn’t touch anything by the way. The detective was to call the Detective Roberta James as soon as possible. She knew he’d wanted to see an untouched crime scene. The phone in the kitchen was mounted on the wall. George is on the hands of the handset, but the dial tone didn’t come. Not surprised that. We have to call from your mobile phone, to Karin said. In the bright kitchen, Karin’s face was visible to be the bagbed. His lips were just like a goldfish and shut down. Turned and landed four digits to the front door. GEORGE is the DU to be better than where they entered in the inside, and he gave up and walked after Karin. After the Karin opened the slider of the door, they found Bernie MacDonaldzdonnie Jenks who walked towards them with the White Dodge parked on the back of Audi and a grooved rifle in his hand. The next day of the meeting in Palin S Lounge with 178 20 LiaIIA, George was awakened at sunrise. Liana was the future of lunch, but he wouldn’t know the time until he arrives. After a shower and dressed up to SLIONEY S and took a pack of cigarettes with a coffee iv donut. Liana’i had five hours to come to the motel, but maybe he didn’t want to leave the job in fear of fearfulness. He went to the room and open the shutter and the door has left the interval.

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