• Sat. Sep 18th, 2021

Daniel Negreanu: Hendon Mob Texas hold’em Data source


Sep 10, 2021

That night I was having a drink with an employee in one of the hotel bars. Jane came over, sat down at the bar and asked for a glass of red wine. I thought his shift was over, he didn’t want to go home right away, I thought. He did not look once to my side, but -it was my fault- I got up and went to him and introduced myself. I just wanted to tell him that he reminded him of my dead wife, and that even seeing his face warms an old man’s heart. After expressing this, I would return to my table again and go back to his own (A one. But Iane was eager to talk, he asked me about my life and my work. We chatted up to three. He lived in an apartment half a kilometer from the beach; we walked together to his house. It was not flirty, but he was obviously interested in me. Honestly, I thought he wanted to take advantage of me to get a job at my company and get out of Barbados. Last night, after escorting her home, I gave her a business card and told her I could assign her a job at my corporate headquarters if she was interested. I remember laughing at me when I heard that. Do you think I was having a drink with you so that you could get me a job? I said to him, yes, I didn’t think of that possibility, and I asked him why he was really interested in me. e kissed me she. God forgive me, since I have reciprocated your kiss. You won’t believe me, but I had two wives, two lovers in high school and college, I hadn’t betrayed any of them until that day. I swear. He looked at George’s face for any expressions of doubt. George scratched his elbow. You don’t have to listen to details about the sequel, but since then I went to Barbados every chance I got. I soon told Jane that I wanted him closer to me, not four hours from the plane anymore; She agreed to come to Atlanta and be my personal assistant. This is what I said a few years ago. Teresa appeared to another specialist every week, each telling us something different; Meanwhile, I was building a house for Jane in Atlanta. I was ashamed for this situation even then, but it wasn’t as bad as I feel now. I won’t say Jane cast a spell on me, but it was something close to that. I was getting enough of him. I’ve never felt this way before.

Macl.ean rubbed her neck; George thought for a moment he was going to get up and leave the room, but the man kept talking. 64 It was certain that Teresa would die; After a reasonable amount of time, I had no hesitation that I would propose to Jane. It seemed like the natural development of events. Then two things happened. MacLean pointed two fingers as if giving a presentation. First, a senior employee at my company came to me one day and said that one night when he was working late, he stopped by my room to see if I was in the office and then saw Jane rummaging through my filing cabinets.

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