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Jul 30, 2021

The Duke of Sussex Prince Harry and his wife Duches Meghan Mark, the UK announced that they were withdrawn from the senior duties in the Royal family of the UK and economically to earn their independence from the royal family.

In the UK, the Duke of Sussex Prince Harry and his wife Duches Meghan Markle, Social Media Accounts Announced that the Royal family of the royal family in the written statement they made their “senior” membership. The couple also stated that they will divide their later time between England and North America.

The following promises were included in the statement: “As a result of the deep thought and ideas that lasted months, we have decided to make a change in this year and started to form a more innovative role in this institution. As our full support to Queen, the Royal Family ‘ ‘We would like to say that we will start working on our duties and start working on the way to earn our economic independence. “

The Duke of Sussex and the Duke and the vertex to the UK and North America to understand the value of their son and the royal tradition, which was born into both their sons, and he said they will provide the opportunity to focus on the next part of their life.

When living between the Couple and North America, he also reported that they will continue to fulfill the Queen, the Nations Association (Commmenwealth) and their obligations against their prisoners. Harry and Meghan also stated that they plan to establish an assistance association in their later lives.

The couple also used the statement in the message they wrote to their Instagram followers “especially for the past few years, we felt ready to do this organization,” and said they will continue to announce the following developments.

Buckingham Palace spokesman, we are aware that they are at the early stage of the ideas with Duke and Duchess, we are aware that they want to watch a different approach in the early stage, but these are a long-time complicated subjects.

BBC Royal Reporter Jonny Dymond, based on a royal source, while Harry and Meghan has not consulted the other family members, including Prince William, and the Royal family is “hurt”. Dymond pointed out that the royal family is a very strong response to expressing the “disappointment”.

Dymond “This shows that this evening in the Palace is a serious sensuality – it was not directed to the content of the great possibility of the explanation, but for the style of build – and it was made as it was made up of their own. It was a long time to be a crack between the couple and the royal family.

During the double christmas period, he had gone to Canada along with the Archie in May by taking 6 weeks of permission from the royal tasks. Following their return to England, Harry and Meghan visited the High Representation of Canada in London and thanked him for their hospitality.

In the past, Meghan, who have made a cinema and array acting, he lived in Canada’s Toronto city in the US array Suits. Buckingham Palace Old Press Spokesman Dickie Arbiter made the comment on which the decision has been moving with Harry’s feelings. Arbiter indicated that the British press has double and their children on their children and the problems they live in this decision. Prince Harry reacted to the spouse of the British media and the attitude of the media had likened the attitude of the mother to Princess Diana.

Buckingham Palace The old press spokesman Dickie Arbiter said that the “Part-time member of the royal family” is not known how to practice in practice. Arbiter “Harry” Harry is not a poor guy but to be built in two continents, to be built in two continents, but how to finance their business? ” said.

Arbiter also pointed out that the couple in Windsor may be the subject of the debate due to the amount of 2.4 million pounds expended on the renewal of Frogmore Cottage.

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