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Sep 10, 2021

The constant exposure to labor dedication at the levels of 4.8, and or 12 consecutive hours make the woman’s body negatively react to the effort conformed to the working day standing up, complaining about reactions after a small number of years of persistence to repetitive efforts added to the Disturbios Osteo Work Related Muscles (WMSD). When cancer is unveiled, the patient is notified in the cancer aid program for a better entourage and progression of treatment, these women are referred to a referral unit where they will have support from the soul, gynecological, nursing among other specialized services for better support.

The 5 (five) women with an approved diagnosis carry out follow-up consultations at the Reference Units for the treatment of AC in the capitals of the states of Bahia, Goiás or Distrito Federal, being, respectively, Salvador, Goiânia or Brasília. Cancer of the neck of the uterus is described as a condition that started with progressive intra-epithelial transformations and could progress to an invasive cancerous lesion in 10 years ago.

Cervical cancer is described as a condition that started with progressive intra-epithelial transformations and may develop into an invasive cancerous lesion in 10 to 20 years. Although viruses are associated with cervical cancer, research shows that there is extensive influence on the appearance of penile tumors.

Even as the aforementioned responsible is made available to professionals in the area of ​​the Cervical Cancer Information System (SISCOLO), this system is the responsibility of the Nurse, where he will fill out the tracking form. The purposes, nature and objectives of this study were knowledge of women diagnosed with cancer of the cervix to the wall of the disease in a Family Health Unit in the town hall of Wanderley, Bahia.

It is a form of radiotherapy in which radioactive materials are implanted in the vicinity of the tumor, the word brachytherapy originates from the Hellenic brachys which means: together or close, defining a treatment variant in which radiation doses are released to fight tumor cells, without a large number of healthy cells being affected.

Category III: Relationship between papillomavirus and cancer of the neck of the uterus. They occur, but commonly, in young patients, between 16 and 25 years old, and are located in humid regions, such as the vestibule and the vulvar skin in women. With the manipulation of the skin that surrounds it, escorted foreskin, an erotic incitement store, floods the spongy and cavernous bodies with blood, becoming stiff, with considerable increase in size (erection).

Supported by the principles of Gorin (2007), squamous cell carcinoma, in the case of the skin it is the second most common originating in the spinous cells, this type of tumor has a potential for metastasis, especially when it occurs on the lips and on the villous scalp. Penile cancer diagnosed for radiotherapy treatment.

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