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Sep 10, 2021

When we look at the use of e-mail between the age group 18-73, we reach the rate of 88%. The study suggests that between the ages of 12 and 17 (73%) the use of e-mail is a less popular activity. For groups over the age of 18; Activities such as purchasing products, following the news, and making health researches are extremely popular activities. The survey study conducted on 2251 people over the age of 18 through phone calls between 12-25 January 2011 in the United States provides important data. In this study, questions were asked about social media usage habits, ownership of new media technology, and what the sources of news are. Percentage distribution of new media and social media usage habits to the results of this study is as follows. Table 7.6 New media and Social media usage (%)

When we examine the above table, new media and social media habits appear in the young adult class, between the ages of 18-39, in a dense manner. kmaktad. When we look at the age of 40, it is possible to say that the relevant habits are in one out of every two people. The answer to the question of which channels the participants of the research use to obtain the news is given below. 18-39 Years

In this picture, while the group over 40 years old sees the traditional media as a source of getting news, the use of new media is more common among the young adult group. Another study is based on the results of the survey conducted in the United States between 25 July and 26 August 2011 with 2260 people. The basic questions that this study seeks to answer are, for what purposes the internet is used, what are the rates of internet usage by age groups, according to age groups Are there distinct differences in the use of social media? Are there any significant differences in the use of devices that support new media? In this study, 12-17 age group was classified as young, 18-29 age group as young adult, 30-49 and 50-64 age groups as adults. Percentage Reading / sending e-mail

Reading e-mails and sending e-mails is the most common activity on the Internet. We can also call this process the traditional use of the internet. Before the advent of Web 2.0 technology, the main function of internet use was the function of sending and receiving e-mails. This function remains valid and intensive. A news, information or visual search function in search engines is also an important point. Usage of social media, ordering over the internet and following the news are also seen as activities carried out frequently.

Another striking finding is that Internet users have an important percentage in every age group. In the light of these findings, we come across how important the Internet is for people and how important it is in our daily life. Table 7.10 Distribution of Mobile Phone Ownership among Young People (%)

Telephone use, which is one of the most important tools of the new media, is frequently used in the adolescent age group. The widespread use of wireless network connections and the increase in the opportunity of people to connect to the internet with devices other than computers are one of the important factors of this situation.

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