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Sep 10, 2021

Tommy has identified a thief in the prison where he was previously served. This thief broke into a famous golf player’s house one night and killed him with his lover.

Andy gives this information to the manager he thinks will help him. However, the principal has no intention of helping. After all, he has a free financial advisor who regulates the finances of the money he launder and earns him money. Unable to bear this unresponsiveness and insult him, he throws Andy into the cell and has Tommy killed by the chief guard Hadley.

With this episode, where our hero is seriously stuck, the 50 percent that we said at the beginning is completed. We are at a point where evil seems to win and the hero loses hope for a short time.

Andy Dufresne has been in Shawshank for 19 years. He spent 19 years of his life in captivity due to a murder he did not commit. During this time, he especially told Red and the people around him not to lose their hopes by lighting small lights under bad conditions. It is time for Andy to get rid of Shawshank. In his last conversation with Red, he tells him that he has to choose between living fast and dying fast.

Andy makes Red a request like a will. If he goes out, he says that there is something very important to him under the volcanic glass, a stone buried under an oak tree and not belonging to this world. This is one last piece of advice that keeps Red from losing hope.

Darabont places the suspicion that Andy will commit suicide in the minds of both his friends who love him and the audience. However, Andy chose not to die fast, but to live fast. Andy, who stole the principal’s suit and shoes, made his escape (rebirth) with the help of the tunnel he had hidden behind the Raquel Welch poster that night and dug for years through the small hammer. First Rita Hayworth, then Marilyn Monroe and finally Raquel Welch hid the hole she opened in her wall.

Darabont makes Red tell about Andy’s escape after the news that he escaped with a beautiful fiction game. Andy crawls out of the prison’s narrow sewer pipes in the dirt. It’s raining, and Andy’s fall out of the pipe into the puddle evokes Christ’s rebirth 40 days after his crucifixion and murder. Falling into the water, Andy experiences a kind of purification (baptism). He opens his arms as grateful to God. Andy in Shawshank is dead, a new Andy is born. The new Andy also got his financial guarantee by hiding all the principal’s dirty money in a bank account with a fictitious name. While sending the principal’s account book to a daily newspaper, he left his own Bible to the principal. When the Principal opens the Bible, he gets a big surprise. During a cell check, he remembers saying to Andy when he was returning his Bible: “Salvation is in it, son.” Andy left this note at the beginning of the Bible: “Dear principal, you were right, salvation is in this”. When the Principal opens the “Escape from Egypt” (Exodus) part of the Torah book, he sees that a small section of the hammer is carved into the pages.

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