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Apr 23, 2021

“Surrender” is another option in the blackjack rules. Here you have the opportunity to surrender your hand before accepting any more cards. This case usually only occurs when the dealer has an ace or a ten-value card. Delayed abandonment is only allowed after the croupier has checked for blackjack.

After receiving the first two cards, you have the chance to split your hand, giving you two. Of course, you have to place a second bet of the same amount as your first. The only limitation is when you get two aces. Then, after splitting, you can only take one more card at a time to reduce the chance of improving your hand with other options, such as hit split or double down.

With this method you can double your stake. However, only after you have received the first two cards or you decide to double down after a split.

If the tables are already occupied, you still have the opportunity to place a bet. You simply bet your bets behind a player who you think will win with his hand.

Understanding how the game actually works is essential if you want to play for real money. In the video you will be guided through the individual phases and learn to understand the blackjack game better. W.

After splitting you first get one card, but you can then draw more if the casino customer rules allow it.

Two aces are a special case. They can usually only be split once and then only get one card. If it is a corpus of ten, it does not count as “Black Jack”, but as 21. You win with it

There are several rules related to the doubling option that affect the house edge.

The most common rule – and also the best one for the player – is that you can double up any hand. What many do not know is that you can double up soft hands with an ace and should do so more often. If the dealer has a low card between 3 and 6 you double e.g. when you have Ace-3 to 6 yourself. Another card can only improve oneself while the dealer is in a bad position and runs the risk of busting.

In some casinos, however, doubling is restricted. There you can e.g. only double with 9, 10 or 11, but not with soft hands. This increases the house edge of the casino by 0.10%.

The fact that you can still double after splitting is actually a standard rule that lowers the casino’s house edge in favor of the player. If the DAS rule is not allowed, going there is a disadvantage for the player, as he cannot get the maximum out of an advantageous situation.

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