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rules of blackjack: 10 Items Guys Think An individual Lay Regarding for A person’s Online dating Shape


Apr 23, 2021

In the next few sections we will look at side bets like bet-behind and other points. The blackjack rules explained here can differ from online casino to online casino, which is why it is important to know about them.

Side bets are common in blackjack. They are rated independently of the main game and can make a decent profit depending on the bet. In addition, additional stakes for side bets are usually much smaller than the table limit. A side bet can often be placed for as little as one euro. The odds of winning side bets are much lower than in the standard game.

This side bet only relates to the player’s hand and is very simple. The playing cards must make a pair and be of either the same value or the same suit.

Again, only the player’s two starting cards are taken into account. The cards must be of the same value to win the side bet.

The 21 + 3 side bet is available in almost every online casino. Both player cards and the first card of the blackjack dealer are important for this side bet. Here you win if a flush, a straight, a straight flush or three of a kind results from the three cards.

With “Bust” you bet that the blackjack dealer will bust, that is, draw more than 21 points. In order to win, it doesn’t matter whether the player has already busted or even wins the round. It is usually paid in a 3: 2 ratio. In some online casinos, the bust bet may not be lower than the general stake.

With Bet Behind, players bet on another player’s hand. This is particularly useful when all the seats at the blackjack table are already occupied. However, this side bet has one major disadvantage: participation in the game is passive. That means that there is no say in the matter and you have to rely on the skills of your fellow player.

Split allows cards of the same value, for example 10-10 or 5-5, to be split. In some cases, a double down may be played immediately after the split. However, this move is rarely approved. As a rule, players only receive one card after the split and are not allowed to draw any more. A split is especially worthwhile with aces and 8ths.

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Otherwise, the players whose value is closer to 21 points than the dealer’s value win. If the score is equal, the game is considered a tie. The stakes go back to the players. If the game is won, the player’s stake is doubled.

If a player manages to hit three of a kind (three times the 7) then he immediately wins the game. Regardless of which cards the dealer is holding. The player receives a 1.5-fold increase in his stake as a win and the game is over for him with the Triple Seven.

If a player manages to hit an ace and a ten or an ace and a king / queen / jack with the first two cards face up, this is called blackjack. In this case, too, the stake is increased by 1.5 times and paid out as a profit. A tie could only occur here if the dealer is just as lucky and hits a blackjack as well.

If the dealer has ace first card, players have the option of insuring themselves against a casino blackjack. To do this, an additional stake must be placed on the insurance line. If the dealer actually hits the blackjack in this case, the bet on the insurance line is doubled and all players are paid out as a profit.

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