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Apr 22, 2021

Aces are worth either one point or eleven points. This is bindingly determined before the start of the game. The cards with the numbers two to ten correspond to the value of their eyes. The queen, king and pawn face cards have a value of 10 points.

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages and, of course, blackjack is no different. Therefore, the most important points are summarized and compared here again:

Before the game, the players make their bets according to the Black Jack rules by placing their bets on the designated fields (boxes). The players have to adhere to the individual maximum stakes of the respective casino. If a player does not make the maximum bet, other players who, however, do not have a say in the course of the game, may also place their bets in the box.

After the bets, the croupier distributes the playing cards: Here each player (including the croupier) first receives an open card, then each player (but not the croupier) receives a second open card. If the croupier has received an ace in the first round, the players can hedge against a blackjack from the croupier. Here you have to make a bet on the so-called “Insurance Line”. Should the croupier receive a ten or a face card as the next card, he would score a blackjack and the insurance is paid out at a ratio of 2: 1 to the players who have taken out insurance.

Online demo versions are often available for this, in which the players are provided with a virtual credit and can start the game. Important: Live dealer games cannot be played with demo credit. Nonetheless, it is worthwhile to play one or the other hand without using it yourself and thus get a feel for the cards and the game.

It is also helpful to try out a few strategies in the demo game. If enough experience has been gained, you can then move on to real money play. By the way: In regular offline casinos you can of course not play without money. So if you are planning a trip to the next arcade in the near future, you should also complete a few test rounds online in advance.

There are usually numerous blackjack tables available in an online casino. Players should pay close attention to the details in advance and then decide on a suitable table of their choice. As a rule of thumb, the maximum bet should be no more than five percent of your own capital.

This ensures that a long game time can be guaranteed and that your own money is not lost too quickly – even in the event of a long streak of bad luck. The choice of seat at the table can also be decisive for your own success. It is almost perfect if the dealer takes a seat in the last seat, as the previous cards can all be examined.

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