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Sep 10, 2021

“Traces of Bursa falling into water …” MANAVGAT – KİEV – AUTUMN – SUDÜŞEN WATERFALL – BURSA BATHS – WATER

Year: 2 Issue: 11 / October – November 2012 ISSN: 2146 – 1457 Local Periodicals (2 Months)

Publisher and Publishing Director Engin Çakır (Responsible) (hidden) Authors Ayşegül Alkış, A.Kadir Kılınç, Emine Civanoğlu, Gökay Öngör, Nazan Aşkalli Özlem Şenkoyuncu, Özgür Akkaya Erdemol, Özgür Çakır, Özgür Taşkıran, Sezai Evans

Cekirge Mah. Selvili Cad. No: 12 Çelebi 2 Apt. D.1 Osmangazi / BURSA T. (0224) 233 87 11 www.photographica.com.tr (hidden)

Those with Salt in the Soup Mustafa Türe, Nusret Anbarcıoğlu, Saffet Yılmaz Reklam İletişim İletişim / Subscription (hidden) (hidden) T. (0224) 233 87 11

Magazine Bursa, by Photo Graphica T.C. It is published in accordance with the laws. The name and publication rights of the Journal Bursa belong to Photo Graphica. All rights of the published articles, photographs and subjects are reserved and all responsibility belongs to the owners of the work. Quotations can be made with permission or by showing the source. The responsibility of the ads belongs to the advertisers. Magazine Bursa promised to abide by the “Press Professional Principles”.

Let the trace relax “Drink”. Every person comes into life as clean as clear water. It is in nature as much as a spring. His heart swells at the first breath, and he shouts out the joy of life. Then he gets dirty, his soul becomes blunt; He tries to live without pollution until his life ends, like a slightly polluted stream flowing into the sea… Think of a source; trying to reach the sky with rebellion. It grows drop by drop in the soil and gradually every particle of life fills. He does not give up until he reaches the earth and takes a deep breath when he leaves the earth. He inhales the sky as long as he can. Man is also like a resource … He is born clean, as clear as nature and as sublime as nature … He has not yet been reprimanded, he has not committed genocide, has not cheated, has not lied, has not lost, his soul has not been contaminated … It is at least as fresh as a leaf that has just sprouted. It is as warm as the midday sun… As it slips down from the mountains and approaches the sea, the source gets dirty. He becomes blurry, his enthusiasm decreases, he slows down … Human

As time goes by, he may feel helpless, angry, weary, betrayed, hopeless or ordinary. When it feels like this, it gets dirty. That magnificent being disappears altogether, and the life force within it is lost. Neither nature nor human beings, who can breathe with its life force, actually deserve such an end… In this age when man’s lack of love for the world, nature and himself reached its highest point in history; I can choose not to be contemporary …

we looked for water in caves. “What is water for Turkey?” We thought, our way fell to the Manavgat Waterfall. We reached out to Kiev, a world city intertwined with water. We have prepared a wide range of content from Floating Stones, which are among the city furniture, to the bath culture identified with Bursa.

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