Discover Pawsome Pints: Your Guide to Dog Friendly Pubs Near You

Discover Pawsome Pints: Your Guide to Dog Friendly Pubs Near You

Dog enjoying a pub

As a beer and pub enthusiast or a casual socializer, sometimes you just need a place to unwind with your buddies (both human and four-legged). If you’re tired of leaving your furry friend behind every time you hit the bar scene, worry no more! We’ve got the guide for you. In this post, we’ll explore a variety of pawsome dog friendly pubs that cater to man’s best friend. So grab a leash and get ready to discover these hidden gems!

Table of Contents

  1. Why Dog Friendly Pubs?
  2. What to Expect in a Dog Friendly Pub
  3. Top Dog Friendly Pubs Across the US
  4. Finding Dog Friendly Pubs Near You
  5. Etiquette and Tips for Bringing Your Dog to the Pub
  6. Conclusion

1. Why Dog Friendly Pubs?

For dog owners, our precious pups are not just pets, but family members. As we become more of a dog-friendly society, businesses are embracing the trend of allowing customers to bring their canine companions along.

For pub-goers, this is a game changer! No more guilt about leaving your dog alone at home while you’re enjoying a cold one. Plus, this is a great opportunity for both you and your pet to make new friends. So instead of searching through countless websites or asking friends for recommendations, we’re making it easy for you by providing a comprehensive guide to dog friendly pubs near you.

2. What to Expect in a Dog Friendly Pub

While every pub is different, here are some common features and amenities you might find in a dog friendly pub:

  • Welcoming Staff: One key thing you’ll notice in a dog friendly pub is the warm welcome you and your pet receive from the staff, making you both feel right at home.
  • Water Bowls & Treats: Some pubs even go the extra mile, providing water bowls and treats to ensure your pup is well taken care of while you enjoy your beer.
  • Designated Dog Areas: Many establishments have designated areas where dogs are allowed, making it easy for customers to enjoy their time with their furry friends without worrying about infringing on other patrons’ experiences.
  • Dog Menus: Some pubs even offer a special menu just for dogs, featuring items such as dog biscuits, canine-friendly ice cream, or even dog beer!

Now that you know what to expect, let’s dive into our curated list of top dog friendly pubs across the United States!

3. Top Dog Friendly Pubs Across the US

*Please note that policies may change, so it’s always a good idea to call ahead and confirm that the pub is still dog friendly before visiting.

A. Pacific Northwest

1. Lucky Labrador Brew Pub – Portland, OR

Lucky Labrador Brew Pub is not just a dog-friendly spot, but it’s entirely dog-themed! From the name and logo to the countless dog portraits adorning the walls, this pub is a must-visit for dog lovers. With a spacious outdoor seating area, your furry friend can enjoy the atmosphere as you sample the wide assortment of beers brewed on-site.

2. The Leary Traveler – Seattle, WA

This cozy neighborhood pub in Seattle’s Fremont district is a hit with locals and their furry friends. The Leary Traveler boasts a down-to-earth vibe and a beautiful outdoor patio, perfect for enjoying a pint with your pup by your side.

B. Southwest

3. O.H.S.O. Brewery & Distillery – Phoenix, AZ

With multiple locations across the Phoenix area, O.H.S.O. Brewery & Distillery is a go-to destination for dog-loving drinkers. Dogs are not only allowed, but encouraged to join you on their expansive patio! They even provide water bowls and dog treats for your four-legged friend.

4. Yard Bar – Austin, TX

Yard Bar is a dog-friendly pub and off-leash dog park all rolled into one. Enjoy a cold beer under the shaded patio while your pup frolics in the spacious, fenced dog park area. With a dedicated dog menu, water stations, and staff to help monitor the play area, your dog will love this place as much as you do.

C. Midwest

5. The Bulldog – Minneapolis, MN

With several locations throughout the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, The Bulldog is a go-to spot for dog lovers. While dogs aren’t allowed inside, their spacious outdoor patios are dog-friendly, so you can enjoy an impressive craft beer list and tasty bites with your pup by your side.

6. The Water Dog – Lynchburg, VA

Located in the heart of Lynchburg, The Water Dog is a casual pub that welcomes dogs with open arms. Their outdoor seating area is perfect for dogs, with ample shade and water bowls provided. The pub boasts an extensive beer list and a menu featuring mouthwatering burgers and tacos.

D. South

7. The Dog Bar – Charlotte, NC

As the name suggests, The Dog Bar is all about catering to customers and their canine companions. This unique pub is designed to be an off-leash dog park and bar, providing a fun and safe environment for pups to play while their humans enjoy a cold beverage.

8. Hair of the Dog – Chattanooga, TN

With a name like “Hair of the Dog,” you’d expect this pub to be dog-friendly, and it certainly is. They boast a large outdoor seating area, complete with dog waste stations and water bowls. Enjoy a refreshing beer or signature cocktail while your dog hangs out by your side.

E. Northeast

9. Brown Dog Cafe – New York, NY

Located in the heart of Manhattan, the Brown Dog Cafe is an urban oasis for dog lovers. With a spacious outdoor seating area, you and your pup can escape the bustling city to enjoy breakfast, brunch, or a full dinner menu. They even offer “Yappy Hour” specials, giving you and your furry friend the perfect excuse to stop by.

10. The Dog Park Bar – Boston, MA

This unique establishment is the perfect blend of dog park and pub, allowing patrons to socialize while their dogs play in the designated off-leash area. The Dog Park Bar offers a wide selection of beers, cocktails, and a delicious menu, ensuring that both you and your pup have a pawsome time.

4. Finding Dog Friendly Pubs Near You

While we’ve listed some of the best dog friendly pubs across the United States, you might be wondering how to find even more options near you. Here are a few tips to help you discover amazing dog friendly pubs in your area:

  • Ask Friends & Family: Reach out to your fellow dog-owning friends, coworkers, or family members for recommendations. They may know a hidden gem that you’ve yet to discover.
  • Check Social Media: Follow local dog-friendly businesses, pet adoption organizations, or dog-owner groups on social media platforms. They often share updates on dog-friendly events and establishments.
  • Search Online: Websites and apps like BringFido, Yelp, and Google Maps are great tools for finding dog-friendly pubs. Just search “dog friendly pubs” or “dog friendly bars” in your location.

5. Etiquette and Tips for Bringing Your Dog to the Pub

We want to ensure that you and your dog have a fantastic time at the pub, without causing any discomfort to other patrons or staff. So here are some etiquette tips to keep in mind when bringing your dog to a pub:

  • Follow the Rules: Always abide by the pub’s rules regarding dogs. Some places may have restrictions on where dogs are allowed, leash requirements, or size limits.
  • Keep Your Dog Leashed & Close: Keep your dog on a leash and close to you to avoid any unwanted interactions with other pups or patrons.
  • Know Your Dog’s Temperament: Only bring your dog to the pub if they are social, well-behaved, and comfortable around strangers and other dogs.
  • Clean Up After Your Dog: Be ready to clean up any mess your dog might make, whether it’s spilled water, food, or accidents.
  • Reward Good Behavior: Reinforce good behavior by rewarding your dog with treats, praise, or pets when they remain calm and well-mannered.

6. Conclusion

With more and more dog friendly pubs popping up all over the country, there’s never been a better time to be a dog-loving pub-goer. Use this guide to discover pawsome dog friendly pubs near you and never leave your furry best friend behind again. Remember always to practice good dog pub etiquette and check the pub’s specific rules before visiting. Cheers to great times with your canine companion! 🍻🐾

Think we missed a must-visit dog friendly pub? Share your recommendations in the comments below!

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