Lager and Savory Snacks: Heavenly Pairings for Your Next Pub Adventure

Lager and Savory Snacks: Heavenly Pairings for Your Next Pub Adventure

There’s an age-old debate among pub enthusiasts, beer aficionados, and casual socializers alike: what is the best food to pair with your favorite lagers? Just like any good pub crawl, this is a conversation that could last for hours (or even days). But since we’re all here for a good time and not an eternity, let’s dive into the world of lager and savory snack pairings that’ll tantalize your taste buds and elevate your next pub adventure. Grab a pint, kick back, and get ready to discover some heavenly combinations.

A Brief Intro to Lagers

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of lager and savory snack pairings, let’s first understand what makes a lager, well, a lager. Lagers are a type of beer characterized by their brewing process, which involves fermenting at lower temperatures (around 45-55°F) using specialized yeast strains. This results in a clean, crisp, and refreshing beer that is often lighter in color and has a more balanced flavor profile.

In terms of alcohol content, lagers usually fall between 4-6% ABV, making them a great choice for casual, easy-drinking sessions at your favorite pub. Some of the most popular lager styles include Pilsners, Helles, Dunkels, and Märzens (better known as Oktoberfest beers). Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s dive into some delectable lager and savory snack pairings you won’t want to miss.

Classic Pairings: Beer, Pretzels, and Beyond


No pub adventure would be complete without the tried-and-true combination of a refreshing lager and a fresh, warm, soft pretzel. The crisp, malty flavors of your favorite lager balance perfectly with the salty, doughy goodness of a soft pretzel. Add some tangy mustard for dipping, and you’ve got a match made in pub food heaven.

Fish and Chips

A staple in both British and American pubs, fish and chips are a natural fit for pairing with a clean and crisp lager, such as a classic Pilsner. The lightness of the beer cuts through the richness of the batter-fried fish, delicately balancing the flavors and enhancing your gastronomic experience.

Buffalo Wings

There’s something magical about hot and spicy buffalo wings served alongside a frosty mug of your favorite lager. The savory heat of the wings is perfectly quenched by the refreshing, light flavors of the lager, making this an ideal pairing for those looking to indulge in all things pub food.

International Infusions: Taking Your Taste Buds on a Trip

There is a whole world of delicious, savory snacks to pair with lagers, so let’s explore some popular international pairings that you can find or recreate on your next pub adventure.

German Sausages and Mustard

It’s no coincidence that Germany is known for producing some of the world’s best lagers and sausages. A cold Märzen or Helles lager is the perfect companion to a grilled bratwurst or weisswurst, topped with tangy sauerkraut and a dollop of spicy mustard. This pairing is practically a love letter to the great German beer gardens and is one you’ll definitely want to try.

Mexican Street Corn (Elote)

There’s something undeniably satisfying about the combination of a cold, crisp lager and a hot, spicy, cheesy piece of elote. The bright, citrusy flavors of a Mexican-style lager perfectly complement the smoky heat and savory cheese of the corn, creating a beautiful flavor harmony that you’ll want to return to time and time again.

Indian Samosas

A trip to an Indian-themed pub would be incomplete without an order of samosas accompanied by your choice of chutneys. Pair your crispy, spicy pockets of deliciousness with a refreshing lager, like a light and crisp Pilsner, that’ll cut through the richness of the fried pastry and help balance the heat. Trust us, your taste buds will thank you.

Game Changers: Unique and Unexpected Lager Pairings

Why not get adventurous with your lager pairings? Here are some interesting and unexpected snack combinations to try on your next pub crawl.


If you’re a fan of pickles, this might just be the lager and savory snack pairing for you. As strange as it may sound, the tangy, briny goodness of a cold dill pickle complements the crisp, clean flavors of a refreshing lager perfectly. Give it a try – you might just be dubbed the pub snack king among your friends.

Ramen Bowl

Though not your typical pub snack, a steaming bowl of savory, umami-packed ramen makes for a delightful pairing with a frosty mug of lager. The light, refreshing flavors of the beer help to cleanse your palate between slurps of flavorful broth and bites of noodles and toppings, creating an unexpectedly enjoyable experience.

Chocolate-Covered Bacon

If you’re a fan of sweet and salty combinations, then we’ve got the perfect adventurous lager pairing for you. Sink your teeth into a piece of crispy, salty bacon that’s dipped in rich, dark chocolate, and wash it down with a smooth lager. This seemingly odd duo expertly balances the salty, savory flavors of the bacon with the chocolaty sweetness, creating a truly unique and satisfying pub snack experience.

Make Your Own Pairing Magic: Experimentation and Tasting Events

Why not take your newfound knowledge of lager and savory snack pairings and host a tasting event of your own? Invite some friends over or gather virtually, and each person could bring their own unique lager and snack offerings to share with the group. It’s a fun way to experiment with different flavors, try new beers, and find your personal favorite pairings.

In the end, the most important part of any pub adventure is enjoying good times and making memories with friends – and a stellar lager and savory snack pairing certainly doesn’t hurt. With these ideas in your arsenal, you’re well on your way to becoming a legendary pub crawl companion and discovering your dream lager and snack partnership.

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