The Ultimate Guide to Beer Gardens: Where to Find Them and What to Drink

The Ultimate Guide to Beer Gardens: Where to Find Them and What to Drink

The beer garden: an oasis of golden brews, great company, and the perfect place to unwind after a long day or explore on a sunny afternoon. For those impassioned by the art of brewing, the casual thrill of socializing, or simply adventure-seeking tourists or travelers, you are not alone! In fact, there’s a whole world of beer gardens to explore, so grab your favorite pint and let’s dive in together!

As the primary male reader demographic of 20-35 years olds, your thirst for knowledge of beer gardens has brought you to the right place. This extensive guide will provide all the information necessary to satisfy your craving for beer garden culture, venues and of course – the brews.


  1. What is a Beer Garden?
  2. The History of Beer Gardens
  3. The Beer Garden Experience
  4. Top 10 Beer Gardens in the U.S.
  5. Best International Beer Gardens
  6. Brews to Try at Beer Gardens
  7. Conclusion

What is a Beer Garden?

A beer garden is an outdoor area where beer, and often food, is served in a communal setting. Every beer garden is unique, but they often share some key features: communal tables, a relaxed atmosphere, great food offerings, and an extensive list of brews. Beer gardens are cherished spots for those looking for a laid-back experience with friends, fantastic food, and of course, some unique and delicious beers.

The History of Beer Gardens

The concept of beer gardens is believed to have originated in early 19th-century Germany, specifically the city of Munich. The introduction of beer gardens is credited to a Bavarian king who was concerned with the potential for explosions in the breweries, so he allowed brewers to sell beer on their premises.

The tradition of beer gardens quickly grew, and by the mid to late 19th century, beer gardens in Germany could accommodate as many as 5,000 people! Not only did beer gardens provide a cool escape from the crowded city during hot summer months, but they also created an open space for people to socialize and enjoy the quintessential beverage of the time.

Today, beer gardens can not only be found across the globe, but they have also become a must-see experience for beer aficionados as well as social butterflies. And with the growing craft beer industry in the United States, beer gardens have extended beyond their German roots and adapted to the tastes and preferences of each individual locale.

The Beer Garden Experience

No matter where you are located, there’s one thing that unites all beer garden experiences: the love of beer and community. There’s just something special about sitting down at a big communal table, surrounded by friends and strangers alike, and bonding over a cold pint. Beer gardens typically feature both local and international brews, which make them the perfect stop on a beer-tasting journey.

In addition to beer, beer gardens often offer mouth-watering food options. The food will vary depending on the beer garden and its location. You’ll find traditional German fare at some venues, while others may lean more toward pub-style food or showcase regional cuisine. It’s not unheard of to stumble upon an occasional food truck serving up delectable local eats at a beer garden.

Ultimately, the beer garden experience is what you make of it. Whether you’re stopping in for a casual pint with friends, enjoying some delicious grub, or making it a focal point on your craft beer journey, you can’t go wrong with spending time at a beer garden.

Top 10 Beer Gardens in the U.S.

  1. Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden – Astoria, New York
    • Originally established in 1910, this historic beer garden is one of the oldest in the U.S. With a combination of Czech and Slovak culture, a vast beer selection, and hearty Eastern European pub fare, it’s a must-visit location for beer garden enthusiasts.
  2. Biergarten – San Francisco, California
    • This traditional German beer garden offers the laid-back vibe San Francisco is known for. Serving an array of German beers on tap, Biergarten is where you can find both pretzels and bratwurst alongside a game of cornhole.
  3. Philadelphia Brewing Co. – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    • Located in a converted brewery, PBC offers an extensive list of in-house beers, an excellent outdoor space, and delicious food options. The beer garden is warm and inviting, making it the perfect destination to enjoy the city’s vibrant beer culture.
  4. Bangers – Austin, Texas
    • With over 100 beers on tap, house-made sausages, and a lively atmosphere, Bangers is a must-visit beer garden in Austin. Housed in a rustic building, the spacious patio is an excellent place to soak up the Texas sun and make new friends.
  5. Rhein Haus – Seattle, Washington
    • A sprawling beer hall and garden, Rhein Haus offers an extensive selection of German brews, delicious house-made sausages, and even indoor bocce ball courts. This beer garden offers a taste of Germany in the heart of the Pacific Northwest.
  6. The Pharmacy – Nashville, Tennessee
    • This Nashville hotspot has a vast selection of beers and offers an exceptional burger menu, setting it apart from other beer gardens. The relaxing outdoor patio provides the perfect environment for enjoying casual conversations or a night out with friends.
  7. Sheffield’s – Chicago, Illinois

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