Themed Bars: A World of Immersive Drinking and Dining Experiences

Themed Bars: A World of Immersive Drinking and Dining Experiences

Step into the world of themed bars, where you will not only be entertained with delicious brews and cocktails, but also completely immersed in the atmosphere and experience of unique, exciting environments. From science fiction and fantasy to sports and popular culture, themed bars create a whole new playing field for your drinking escapades. Destinations not just for beer and pub enthusiasts, but for casual socializers and travelers alike. Let’s dive into some of the best themed bars across the United States that provide unforgettable experiences.

DISCLAIMER: This article is targeted at individuals aged 21 years and older. Please drink responsibly.

The Magic of Harry Potter: The Lockhart and The Cauldron

If you’ve ever dreamt of sipping a butterbeer with fellow wizards and witches within the magical world of Harry Potter, then look no further than The Lockhart and The Cauldron.

The Lockhart

Located in New York City, this Potter-themed bar offers enticing cocktails inspired by the famous book and movie series. With potions, elixirs, and concoctions like the “Shacklebolt” and “Gin Weasley,” you will certainly feel the magic in the air.

Decked out with subtle nods to the series, such as potions textbooks, a hidden Deathly Hallows symbol, and more, The Lockhart provides a cozy atmosphere for Potterheads and muggles alike.

The Cauldron

The Cauldron takes the immersive Harry Potter experience to the next level. Spread across locations such as NYC, London, and Edinburgh, this wizarding pub invites you to don a robe, wield a working magic wand, and craft your own potions in a guided potions-making class.

Not only will you have the opportunity to enjoy themed drinks and food items, but your experience at The Cauldron will make you feel like you’re actually a part of the wizarding world.

Game On: Headquarters Beercade and Barcade

Calling all gamers – these next themed bars are your paradise!

Headquarters Beercade

Headquarters Beercade, with locations in Chicago and Nashville, fuses the love of craft beer with the nostalgia of retro arcade games. This lively bar offers a massive collection of arcade machines, all free to play, that are sure to evoke memories of spending quarters and mastering high scores.

Pair your arcade experience with a craft beer or a creative cocktail named after your favorite video game characters, like the “Princess Peach Cobbler” or the “Mega Man Mule.”


Barcade, with several locations across the United States including New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia, is another fantastic option for those looking to relive their childhood gaming days. Featuring an extensive array of classic arcade games and an even larger selection of craft beers on tap, this ever-growing chain is the perfect spot to spend a leisurely evening with friends.

Into the Great Unknown: The Bermuda Triangle and The SafeHouse

These next themed bars transport you into the world of mystery and espionage.

The Bermuda Triangle

Those brave enough to wander into The Bermuda Triangle will find themselves immersed in a tiki-style bar filled with jungle-like foliage, dim lighting, and unique cocktails reminiscent of the tropics. Despite its mysterious name, the Bermuda Triangle is located in Arlington, Virginia, and it’s the perfect escape for those looking to temporarily be transported to a faraway paradise.


Channel your inner spy by visiting the SafeHouse located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, or Chicago, Illinois. This clandestine bar requires a password for entry, but fear not – if you don’t know the secret passphrase, you’ll complete a playful mission to gain access instead.

Inside, you’ll find an atmospheric lounge filled with spy-themed memorabilia, hidden passageways, and interactive menus that require decoding. The SafeHouse’s cocktail menu boasts an array of espionage-inspired drinks like “The Spy’s Demise” and “Mission: Impossible,” adding to the allure of your undercover experience.

Immersive Drinking Experiences for Entertainment Fans

Entertainment enthusiasts – we haven’t forgotten about you. There are plenty of themed bars dedicated to celebrating some of the top movies, TV shows, and topics in pop culture.

Scum & Villainy Cantina

For Star Wars fans, Scum & Villainy Cantina in Hollywood is a must-visit. Styled after the iconic Mos Eisley Cantina from “A New Hope,” this interactive bar hosts themed trivia nights, fan events, karaoke, and even costume contests. With drinks like “Engineer’s Disease” and “Han Shot First,” no Jedi or Sith will be left yearning for more.

Emporium Arcade Bar: Stranger Things Pop-Up

Netflix’s “Stranger Things” took the world by storm, and Chicago’s Emporium Arcade Bar capitalized on its popularity by hosting a temporary Upside Down-themed pop-up bar. Although it only operated for a limited time in 2017, it garnered immense popularity, as fans flocked to take photos with iconic set recreations and enjoy themed drinks like “Eleven’s Eggo’s” and “Demogorgon Bomb.”

Other pop-up themed bars continue to emerge for the enjoyment of those seeking immersive experiences, so keep an eye out for the next big thing.

Sports-Inspired Bars: Baseball Tavern and Pitchers

When it comes to themed bars, sports fans are not left behind. These bars specifically cater to your love of the game.

Baseball Tavern

Baseball Tavern in Boston is a haven for Red Sox fans. Located just a few footsteps from Fenway Park, this rooftop bar offers stunning views of the stadium and a wide selection of draft beers. The atmosphere makes it an ideal spot for a pre- or post-game drink, as patrons excitedly discuss their favorite players and game highlights.


A must-visit for soccer fans, Pitchers in Washington, D.C., is a sports bar for the LGBTQ+ community. Adorned with soccer-themed décor and a spacious outdoor patio, Pitchers offers a laid-back atmosphere, where fans can enjoy pub fare or watch their favorite teams on the many screens scattered throughout the bar.

Dive into a World of Adventure: Adventure Bar

Are you ready to combine your love of drinking and exploration? Then you should step into the Adventure Bar in Greenville, South Carolina. This unique bar features iconic settings from 1980s movies and TV shows, such as the “Goonies” ship and the “Indiana Jones” hidden chamber. Every turn offers a themed surprise and the opportunity for a fantastic night out.


Themed bars undoubtedly provide unforgettable experiences, combining the pleasures of craft beer and specialty cocktails with the complete immersion of one’s senses in exciting new worlds. So why not make your next outing an extraordinary one by visiting a themed bar? Make plans with friends, or embark on a solo adventure and take the leap into the immersive world of themed bars. And remember – always drink responsibly.


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